Project Description

For that friend or relative who is determined to NOT turn 40, this is ideal! Humor bridges the gap between clinging to their 40s, and coming to grips with reality. Even though it’s true that “age is just a number, those “zero year” birthdays are always tough. We see that yet another decade has slipped away, and realize we’re getting closer to the “end” than we were to the “beginning.” However, age does have its benefits. For example, this fantastic novelty cake, in the shape of a price tag of $49.99 (Plus Tax), will have the benefit to the birthday honoree that all his/her friends will be laughing WITH, rather than AT him/her (that’s the trick!). So all night long, when he/she keeps telling people that they refuse to turn 50, they’ll think it’s just hilariously funny. So help your friend out with this difficult evening, and give a pal something to help get him through the night!