Project Description

Those birthdays that end in a big round ZERO really do seem to hit us harder, don’t they? They bring to mind that another decade has passed, and set us to contemplating our lives, in a way other years don’t seem to. However, considering that “30” is the new “20”, there’s little to worry about, right? This big round tier is, yes, iced in black; but in this case, black is not representative of being “over the hill” so much as it is a statement of excellent taste – there’s nothing more “classic.” A row of shiny black beads edges the base of this bounteous tier, and there are chips galore, noting the infamous “30”, lest anyone forget. An expensive-looking cigar rests atop the cake; some of the ash from the cigar has made it into a bright red ashtray, but some has spilled outside the ashtray. A small matchbox is standing close by, ready for action. Cigars are traditionally celebratory, in nature; however, as someone famously once said: “Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.” We’re not certain which explanation is applicable here, but this is an excellent selection for the occasion of a cigar aficionado’s 30th birthday bash!