Project Description

Since 1837, Hermès has known for its high-quality leather goods. Today they are recognized around the world as one of the most famous purveyors of many luxurious, high-fashion (and high-priced, as well!) products. This specimen – an orange Birkin bag, made of finest leather, and complete with matching lock, and exquisitely detailed stitching – is rendered with meticulous attention given to every bit of visible minutia. The trademark orange box, complete with “horse” (sans carriage) logo, and unmistakable brown ribbon is sure to pique everyone’s curiosity. A ruffle of pale orange tissue paper peeks out from under the top of the box, adding a graceful touch. This beautiful design will appeal to anyone who’s a devotee of the Hermès brand – or even someone who would like to become acquainted with it, on an intimate level. There are certain things that require no explanation!