Project Description

This adorable little fellow might be right out of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” He is all neatly tucked in for the night, and patiently waiting for Mama Bear to come read him a bedtime story. His “just-the-right-size” bed is freshly made up in soft white sheets, with little blue bows that match the baby-blue coverlet that covers his legs and cute little tummy. A trio of white roses rests near his left claw, and his slippers are neatly resting on a tiny blue rug, next to the bed. A book (of fairy tales, no doubt) is at the ready near the base of the bed, and his eyes are so heavy he can “bear”ly keep them open. I hope his Mama doesn’t read that horrible story about that little blond girl breaking into a house, creating all kinds of havoc! That would surely cause him to have nightmares, and this guy is too young and innocent to have to deal with that, just yet.