Project Description

This opus reflects all the drama and majesty that is “Frozen” – the animated bona fide classic movie from Disney that swept the world in 2013. The story centers around Princess Elsa, her devoted younger sister Anna, and Elsa’s fierce and awesome cryokinetic powers. This stunning piece in ice blue and brilliant snowy white attests to Elsa’s power over these elements. She is able to not only create an entire castle of ice, her powers also render beautiful and delicate snowflakes. In the end, it is the love between the two sisters that saves the day and the kingdom of Arendelle – and Olaf. The scene here depicts all the primary characters, mid-movie – all the doubt (Elsa), insincerity (Hans), innate happiness (Olaf), concern (Anna), loyalty (Sven) and commitment (Kristoff) – but never fear! Soon, all will be set to rights, and peace and happiness will reign, once again. This magnificent centerpiece will be a standout at any celebration.