Project Description

This light-hearted work from our “Frozen” collection features our friends Olaf and Sven. Four round tiers are stacked asymmetrically, and alternate in ice blue, and snowy white. Icicles, snow drifts, and delicate snowflakes abound, but there are also traces of the greenery and plant life awaiting the coming spring evident here. A group picture of all the main characters is framed in ice on the base tier, and a solo portrait of Elsa adorns the second tier from the top. Olaf is positioned adjacent to Elsa, next to a pile of snowballs, ready to help Elsa ward off any interlopers. Sven is comically sprawled out and draped over the top tier, adding to the touch of humor in this captivating piece. For any little girl’s birthday celebration, or for anyone who’s been enchanted by the movie (as millions have been), this is a most excellent offering!