Project Description

This breathtaking design is a true work of art. Three round tiers in dazzling white are enveloped by a staircase of royal proportions that leads to the entrance of Elsa’s “Ice Palace.” Each of the supporting three tiers is meticulously hand-decorated with beautiful snowflakes executed in different sizes, and the base of each layer is edged with a single row of hand-piped beads that are airbrushed in sparkling ice blue. All the main characters of the movie are present and accounted for: Sven, Anna, Hans, Kristoff, Olaf, and Else herself. Elsa waits at the top of the piece, at the entrance to her magical domain, her castle made of ice and snow, shaped by her awesome cryokinetic powers. A staggering achievement in designer “cakery”, this centerpiece at your child’s birthday celebration is certain to have the entire gathering join in a rousing version of “Let It Go!” (We’re sorry!)