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1918 – Olaf Cupcakes (Frozen)

1918 – Olaf Cupcakes (Frozen)2015-02-03T00:00:00+00:00

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If you’re looking for something special, whether it be for a birthday, end-of-school, or Christmas party, or perhaps after-game treats for Little League, or just for a friendly get-together, you simply cannot go wrong with these! No one ever outgrows the love of cupcakes, and these individual “cakelets” are an absolute delight! Yummy-licious cake are topped with loads of snow-white frosting, in the form of the most famous snowman to come along since “Frosty.” The optimistic and cheerful expression on his face is simply unmistakable – that’s Olaf! He sings; he dances; he’s a one-man personal cheerleading squad! And who among us cannot relate to the dichotomy of a snowman who wants to vacation in the tropics? Even the person who’s had it, “up to his eyeballs” with “Frozen” is sure to enjoy these! Happy “Whatever”!!

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