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1888 – Pink & White Christening

1888 – Pink & White Christening2015-03-13T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

This design for a christening is elegance and grace, personified. A simple single tier is iced in unblemished white, pure as snow, representing innocence and virtue. The entire side of the tier is chiseled to create texture and depth. A strand of tiny white seed pearls, alongside a narrow ribbon of pale pink, rings the base of the cake, in a low-key, modest manner. Matching that unpretentiousness, a white seal bears the name of the celebrant in pale pink. Perched atop the cake is a glorious peony, hand-tinted white and pink, seeming to blossom even as we observe. All eyes are drawn to the cross, which is embellished with sparkling beads of silver.This centerpiece for your christening party is a testament to the joy and beauty of the occasion.

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