Project Description

This simple and stunning design has it all. It begins with four round stacked tiers, all in brilliant white. Two of the tiers are iced perfectly smoothly, with nary a flaw. These two tiers are then encircled with a broad band of beautifully textured fabric with unraveled edges. Two narrow bands of sage green are then entwined and placed atop the sand-colored fabric, adding depth and contouring. The alternate two tiers are iced in a stucco-like motif, adding further character to the piece. But it’s clear that this collection of enormous and magnificent “Sunflowers” steal the spotlight. A clutch of three at the base, a pair set at the middle of the design, and an especially resplendent one at the crown of the cake create a dazzling appearance, not to be soon forgotten. This versatile work is ideal for any occasion at all, and will garner kudos from one and all.