Project Description

This unique design has a very old-fashioned charm about it. Two round tiers comprise the infrastructure, and each tier is bound by a narrow band of gold trim. The upper layer is simplicity itself, if pristine white. The lower layer is decorated in an “old world”, quill-rendered, font reminiscent of what poets of yore used when writing sonnets. Add to that some beautiful roses, no doubt made from paper that was discarded, when said poet was not satisfied with the result, complemented by several stunning roses in pink, delicately dusted with a tinge of gold, and you have an elegant masterpiece of “cakery.” Blushing peonies, also in pink, airbrushed with a golden tint, could almost be said to be “gilding the lily”, but find a perfect niche in this work of art. “Paper Roses” is an ode to likes of Byron, Keats, Joyce, and Shakespeare.