Project Description

This enchanting baby shower, or “welcome home, baby” design is overrun with charming critters, all of which are, according to the song, familiar with the facts of “love.” Dozens of adorable (these don’t sting!) honey bees, caterpillars, lady bugs, and butterflies abound, and each is sure, at some point, to reproduce. The miracle of new life is a wonderful experience – mysterious, joyful, and powerful. This beautiful work celebrates all that goes into the birth of a baby, and the surety that said baby will have a loving home and all that she requires to thrive. What could possibly be a more sacred calling than this? The commitment demands dedication, devotion, and selflessness, and all these qualities are being celebrated with this mindful, yet lighthearted piece of art. There is no duty so exacting, or more fulfilling. “Bees Do It ♫” is a cheerful ode to the beginning of the new parents’ new life.