Project Description

This design looks like it could have been used on the set of the 2013 film version of “The Great Gatsby.” The Art Deco motif is utilized to fabulous effect here, with intricate bold angles in a shiny gold finish against the backdrop of a matte black canvas, on the middle tier. The base tier is round, contrasting with the middle tier, but also complementing it, with its row of engraved gold diamond shapes. A ring of large matte black beads rings the base of the tier, and strands of luminous white pearls are draped down the front of the design. The top layer is set apart, in white, and layer upon layer of engraved forged arches, and ringed by a set of black beads matching the ones around the base of the piece. Adding to the sense of drama and fun are white ostrich plumes, gaily ornamenting this stunning work. “The Great Gatsby” is a versatile work, suitable for any occasion, and sure to have your guests remembering this event (whatever it may be) for years to come.