Project Description

This simple, yet elegant, design is a masterful work of understatement. Not flashy, but quietly and classically stylish. A square tier supports a round tier, and both are in matching shimmering white. Broad bands of white satin accent and finish off the base of each layer. The sides of each layer are embellished with hand-drawn artwork of frilly flourishes and curlicues, also in white. Aqua roses symbolize fullness of life, fertility, and abundance. Appropriately, clutches of brilliant aqua colored roses are placed at strategic positions on the cake, enhanced by golden organza ribbon. A larger arrangement of the lovely blooms is perched atop the design, reinforcing the desire to attain the aforementioned promises. “White with Aqua Roses” is an excellent selection for birthday, wedding day, engagement party, or any occasion where the symbolism of aqua roses is relevant.