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1745 – Graduation in Pink & Black

1745 – Graduation in Pink & Black2014-08-04T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

Graduation is, as we all know, not the ending, but the beginning. The study and tests that were such a big part of school are but preparation for the study and tests yet to come, in the journey of life. But, graduation is, indeed, cause for merrymaking. It denotes the completion of a difficult and long undertaking. This cheerful design begins with a single square tier, set at an angle, creating a diamond shape. Iced in pristine white, a strand of white pearls edges and trims the base of the tier. Dots, circles, and spirals in contrasting black and pink decorate the sides and top of the piece. A black mortarboard cap, complete with bright pink tassel, rests atop the piece, and a black ribbon-wrapped diploma is close at hand. It’s time for Emily to take a few hours for relaxation and congratulations, before she begins her life’s work. A graduation party will fill that niche just perfectly, and “Graduation in Pink and Black” is an excellent selection for the celebration!

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