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1737 – Retirement Ribbon

1737 – Retirement Ribbon2014-06-16T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

This unique design uses and “awareness” ribbon, in brilliant orange to “hide” dozens of scrumptious cupcakes! The orange ribbon is used to signify many different causes, but in several countries, it has become the symbol of harmony and peace. I’m sure that Rick hopes to get to know what harmony and peace are, once he can retire from that job! Time to relax, smell the roses, get to know those grandchildren, go fishin’! Or perhaps shift into another gear, and begin working towards that harmony and peace that we’d all like to see all over the world. Whatever Rick plans to do in his retirement, he needs to start by unveiling all those yummy cupcakes that are just waiting to be devoured. “Retirement Ribbon” is a great way to send him on his way, to his new fun-filled life.

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