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1725 – What Happens In Vegas

1725 – What Happens In Vegas2014-06-16T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

Where can you “let your hair down”, “cut loose”, and “paint the town red” better than in Las Vegas?? A Las Vegas birthday is an invitation to indulge your heart’s desire, gratify your deepest urges, or just live a little. “Sin City”, “Lost Wages”, “Gambling Capital of the World”, “Glitter Gulch” – these nicknames are enticing, as they all evoke slightly illicit activities. This design seems to suggest a possible agenda. A large round tier in white is edged in black and red trim. A facsimile of the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign is rendered on the side of the cake, and set off with a strand of shiny black beads. On the top surface of the cake is a brilliant red bustier, trimmed in black satin ribbon, flirty little ruffles, and a lace-up cinch that pulls in that waistline. Whatever Roz has planned for her Vegas birthday celebration, “What Happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas” will start the evening off right!

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