Project Description

This delightful piece is impossible to resist. Two (and ½) round tiers are dressed up in shades of lavender, blue, grey and yellow. The bottom tier belongs exclusively to stripes – stripes in different colors and varying widths. The next tier is iced in lavender, and home to cheery clusters of dots in blue, grey, and yellow. Strands of large yellow beads wrap around the base of each of these tiers, adding a finishing touch. Our impish little infant is peeking out of her box, cuddled by a bright yellow “blankie.” With one hand reaching out, she’s clearly impatient to make her debut. The top of her “box” is striped in a pattern that complements the bottom tier, and a perky bow of lavender with grey dots crowns the design. “Peek-a-Boo – I See You!” is an ideal selection for any “Baby Shower”, or “Welcome Home, Baby” occasion.