Project Description

This piece is a study in muted, gentle color and design. The overall feeling conveyed here is one of tenderness, compassion, softness, and love. The two tiers are iced in a pale lavender, and a softly golden shade of yellow, respectively. The dots of ivory, mauve, and soft green add a playful air, and the lavender ribbon bands around each tier pull the color scheme together. The focal point is the mother and baby elephants, both with ears that display the “dotted” motif, and their trunks are touching one another in trust and love. Since ancient times, elephants have been highly regarded for their strength, wisdom, and loyalty. They are fiercely protective of their young, as anyone who has had the bad luck to get between a mother elephant and her calf can confirm. “Baby Elephant” is a lovely, meaningful selection for any baby shower, or “Welcome Home, Baby” celebration, or even for a juvenile birthday event.