Project Description

This dainty and adorable piece is simply oozing with grace and charm. A bountiful single round tier is iced in “princess pink”, and hand “quilted” to give texture to the surface. Tiny beads of gold accent each point of the quilted diamonds, and a strand of the same beads rings the base of the tier. A clutch of lovely roses, in full bloom, has been hand-formed and artistically tinted in varying shades of pink. The arrangement rests at the bottom of the tier on a bed of spring green leaves and tiny accompanying white flowers. Resting demurely on top of this superfluity of all things “pink” is a tiny baby carriage, fit for a princess, indeed. The carriage is adorned with flouncy bows, delicate little flowerets, and complete with a pale pink blanket, inside. For the baby shower or the “Welcome Home” occasion, this “Pink Baby Carriage” leaves no room for questions – it’s a girl!!