Project Description

All the vices – and FUN – you can imagine are to be had in Las Vegas. “Sin City”, “Lost Wages”, the “Entertainment Capital of the World” – Las Vegas wasn’t given those nicknames for no reason. This flashy design, in red, black, and white, incorporates many de rigueur elements of a “Fabulous Las Vegas” birthday celebration, and resembles a carefully constructed cairn. The base tier utilizes the suits of a deck of cards, placing the red or black hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades inside white diamond-shaped cut-outs, for contrast. Next, stacked asymmetrically, are 3 “chips” of varying denomination and design. Next (and here’s where the real balancing act comes in), alarmingly balanced on one point, atop one of those chips, is a single red die. And the pièce de résistance is a meticulously detailed “bottle” of Absolut Peppar vodka, perched precariously on the opposing point of the die. This brilliant work by our designers allows them to “strut their stuff”, and your birthday celebrant will be the beneficiary! This 21st birthday in Las Vegas will be one to remember!