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1600 – Pearl Grey and Pink

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Project Description

Grace, elegance, and charm – three elements expertly combine to create this pièce de résistance. Grey is a color that is often discarded or overlooked, but these two generous round tiers make a definite statement, dressed as they are in a shade that matches only the most stunning of grey pearls. Strands of large white beads decoratively edge the base of each tier, creating a “finished” look. A simple but lovely scallop design is hand-applied to the sides of each tier, gracefully draping down, and around the edges. These hand-drawn scallops are accented with tiny flowers in palest pink, and a cascade of three drops of white in graduated sizes. The primary focus is drawn to a very large bow in shiny pink satin which rests between the layers. There is no event for which “Pearl Grey and Pink” would not be an excellent option; birthday, bridal shower, anniversary, “just because”, catered luncheon, “going away” soiree, “congratulations on your ________”, “Bon Voyage”, or a wedding. Any occasion that calls for a dessert of any kind will be well-served by this demonstration of demure beauty.

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