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1599 – Congratulations, Graduate! (Red)

1599 – Congratulations, Graduate! (Red)2014-03-04T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

Graduation is a time of reflection: goals accomplished, and those new goals for the future, set. Graduations typically evoke time-honored “words of wisdom” and advice from seemingly EVERYone. All that will be taken in, digested, and formed into your next course of action. But for now, it’s time to rejoice in the immediate victory, whether it’s graduation from high school, college, or special training. This stunning large round tier in sparkling white is ornamented with a damask motif on the sides in contrasting black. A red ribbon edges the base of the tier, culminating in a tidy and festive bow. A red “mortarboard” and diploma on the top denote attainment of the prize that has been sought over the last several years. This life event cannot be overstated, in today’s world. Education of today’s youth is the only hope we have of making the world a better place. So, take a few minutes, and revel in this new status. You can conquer the world starting tomorrow – “Congratulations, Graduate!”


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