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1597 – Graduation Day – UNLV

1597 – Graduation Day – UNLV2014-03-04T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

“Graduation Day” is one of those events that signify both an end and a beginning. Life is full of these passages, and the days that mark them are worth celebrating. This seems a perfect way to mark this particular one. Graduation from University is not to be taken lightly. Attaining graduate status indicates the ability to stick with a course of action through to the end. Determination, intelligence, and hard work are all necessary ingredients, and the day has arrived. Two round tiers, the bottom one done up in stripes of the school colors, the top one in black, sporting the UNLV logo, are both ringed at their bases with strands of black and white beads. A third “tier”, in the shape of a “mortarboard” rests on top, complete with tassel already turned. Good job, Sam! Now you’re really on your way!

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