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1585 – Las Vegas 19th Birthday

1585 – Las Vegas 19th Birthday2014-03-03T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

This cake simply reeks of excitement! The fun to be had on a Las Vegas birthday cannot be overstated. Las Vegas truly has just about anything you could possibly think of in the way of fabulous restaurants, luxurious ultra-lounges, scenery, incredible and breath-taking shows, and of course, the casinos, which are destinations unto themselves. But let’s start here with this round tier, decked out in sparkling white. The suits of a deck of cards are represented on the side of the cake in their traditional red and black. Also prominently displayed is a likeness of the world-famous “Las Vegas” sign, customized just a bit for the occasion at hand. Casino chips in red and green are scattered throughout, and two pair of dice rest on the surface of the cake. A great hand in “21” – 19, to be exact – is also mounted atop the piece. If our birthday celebrant is only turning 19, he/she will be a bit limited in the experiences they can enjoy on this birthday, but there is so much else to do, they’ll hardly miss those things. Happy “Las Vegas 19th Birthday!”

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