Project Description

This exquisite and elegant work is the personification of style. A single round white tier takes center stage here. Understated, yet fashionable artwork is hand-drawn on the side of the tier. On the top rests a brilliant red “shopping bag” with the famous Chanel interlocking C logo emblazoned on the side, in classic black. A Chanel lipstick, also in gleaming red, is placed near the bag. All around the large tier are the most opulent little treasures. Each miniature “cakelet” is piled high, almost to overflowing, with luscious white frosting. Sprinkles of dark rich chocolate, sparkling red beads, or renderings of the Chanel logo are utilized to magnificent decorative effect, on each of these gems. A lovely design for any event, large or small, formal or casual; you cannot miss with “Cupcakes, Chanel Style.”