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1527-Silver and White

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Project Description

This work of art succeeds on every level. Four round tiers in gleaming white form a veritable monument of wedding cakery. Each layer is encircled by a crystal band at the base, accenting and adding sparkle to this design. Two tiers are embossed in a quilted-diamond motif, with tiny silver beads discreetly marking the points of the diamond shapes. The remaining two tiers are embellished with glorious hand-drawn flourishes and curlicues executed in shiny silver. Clutches and sprays of white roses, dusted with a touch of silver, are placed strategically around the piece and oversized peonies, executed in a softer white, contribute the perfect touch of romance and warmth. “Silver and White” is an imposing and regal centerpiece for any wedding. It can be yours!

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