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1521-Dark Gossamer Webs

1521-Dark Gossamer Webs2014-01-27T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

The spider’s web is a symbol of industry, patience and flexibility. The legend of Arachne depicts a contest of prowess between her (a famed weaver and spinner) and the Athena, goddess of wisdom. The contest ends with Athena ripping Arachne’s work to shreds, Arachne hanging herself, and then being brought back to life as a spider. She and her descendants are cursed to weave, for eternity. This study in contrasting black and white displays several of “Arachne’s” designs. Though constructed of delicate gossamer, they are also intricate miracles of organic engineering. They add a distinct note of melancholy, and “Goth” to this design, aided by stunning black roses, resting on beds of black organza ribbon. This could be a brilliant selection for either a Halloween- or, an “Addams Family”-themed wedding or event. Decorative and dark, “Dark Gossamer” could be the perfect selection for your slightly “off key” party.

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