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1507-Less Really IS More!

1507-Less Really IS More!2014-01-27T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

This work proves the old axiom “Less is more” in stunning fashion. Threes large round tiers, constructed to create a formidable tower of cake, are done up in glittering pristine white. Broad ribbon bands of chartreuse encircle the base of each tier. Chartreuse, being a color almost exactly equal parts yellow and green, has excellent connotations for any special event. The two colors bring the qualities of freshness, good luck, renewal, and tranquility; all things to be hoped for at any celebration. Brilliant crystal starbursts at the base and top tiers accent and bring sparkle and pizzazz to this shining example of chic elegance. For the wedding, anniversary, birthday, or any other very special event where you wish to make a statement, “Less Really IS More!” is the selection to make.

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