Project Description

The fans of the University of South Carolina “Gamecocks” challenge even the most zealous of college football. Carolina fielded its first football team on Christmas Eve, in Charleston, SC, in 1892 versus Furman. Since then, their fans have been considered the most raucous and enthusiastic of supporters. The Board of Trustees banned participation in football for the 1906 season after the faculty complained that the coarseness of chants and cheers, yelled by the students at football games, were not gentlemanly in nature (that order was rescinded the following year). So, now that we know who we’re dealing with, our specialists had better be extra careful to get every detail of that helmet and logo meticulously correct – or else! No doubt, Omar is one of the team’s preeminent supporters, and “Gamecocks!” is bound to make his birthday an unforgettable one.