Project Description

Cherry blossoms have long been considered an enduring metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life. Primarily symbolizing the beginning of spring, they lift the spirit and beautify the landscape. In this design, we have two tiers in a shade of pink complementary to the blossoms on their stems. The upper tier is supported by columns and both tiers are decoratively edged with a single strand of luminous tiny “pearls.” The artistic rendering of the delicate blooms is nothing short of magical. Each blossom is hand-tinted to captivate all the myriad shades of pink, and each stem is studded with blooms in various stages of the flowering process. In this iteration, this piece serves as a centerpiece for a birthday celebration, but it is clear that it would bring beauty and elegance to any type of festivity. “Cherry Blossoms for You” has a charm and grace all its own.