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1450 – Strawberry Delight

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Project Description

There is something timeless about the combination of “cake” and “strawberries.” It’s difficult to come up with anything else that even approaches the perfection of that harmonious blending of textures and flavors. The most famous of meeting of these two delicacies is, of course, strawberry shortcake, which is an American creation, circa 1947. Not to boast, but our “Strawberry Delight” has taken that idea and vastly improved on it. These two square tiers, stacked in an “off-set” configuration, could easily stand on their own. Each layer is flawlessly iced in dazzling white, then embellished with intricate hand-drawn flourishes and curlicue accents in a light, airy shade of aquamarine. Broad satin ribbons that are a perfect match to the artwork, border the base of each tier. Pairs of luscious strawberries, drenched in dark rich chocolate, are centered symmetrically on all four sides of each of the two tiers, and a clutch of four of these hand-dipped beauties crowns the top of this affair.  No mystery regarding the title “Strawberry Delight” that’s been bestowed on this work.

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