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1440 – Blue Turvy Damask

1440 – Blue Turvy Damask2013-08-30T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

This tower, consisting of three topsy-turvy tiers is both classical and whimsical. The asymmetry bespeaks a slight sense of irony, and the damask motif denotes a regard for tradition. Damask is a weaving design that reaches back to the ninth century. It is meticulously applied here on the top and base tiers, in a striking royal blue. A quilted effect is used to decorate the center tier, and black beads accent the intersecting lines. Strands of alternating blue and black beads encircle the base of each tier, and stunning fresh white roses, resting on beds of sheer black ribbon, are artistically placed in strategic locations on “Blue Turvy Damask.” Whether your event is formal, casual, or somewhere in-between, this design will be hard to beat!

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