Project Description

There are few things more appealing or irresistible as a kitten playing with a ball of yarn! This design is chock full of that “adorable” factor, sending the “cute”-meter off the scale. A single large round tier, iced in “grass” green is the perfect setting for this charming little “tiger-striped” kitty. This “Kitty” is lovingly hand-molded by our specialists, and from his perky ears, to his little kittenish belly, down to his striped tail, and his meticulously crafted paws. Those mischievous little blue eyes hold a twinkle that every cat lover will recognize. He’s not paying attention to anything but his little ball of pale blue yarn, and he’s already got a good start getting himself all tangled up. This little guy is sure to be a hit with anyone who has that special affinity for felines!