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1428 – Chocolate and Roses

1428 – Chocolate and Roses2013-08-30T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

What could possibly convey undying love and romance better than the combination of “Chocolate and Roses”? This piece is absolutely breath-taking! To call it merely a “cake” does it a serious disservice. Three round tiers, in purest white, form an alabaster tower upon which the darkest, richest chocolate is then artfully and generously drizzled from the crown, down the side of each layer. At the base of each tier, a strand of large white beads encircles, trims, and enhances. Then our designers set about hand-selecting large roses and single petals in deepest red to complement the white and chocolate, then placing them expertly in a swirling cascade, spilling from the crown of the piece, down to the base. The significance of this design will not be lost on anyone, whether the event is a birthday celebration for that very special someone, a wedding, an anniversary, or marking any momentous occasion for someone who is truly cherished.

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