Project Description

“Hello Kitty-ettes” pairs “Sweet & Simple” with two platters containing chocolate and white cake individual cupcakes, decorated in that most famous of designs, the distinctive face of “Hello Kitty”. “Hello Kitty” is one of the most ubiquitous brand logos in the world. Instantly recognized by one and all, her charm is undeniable, with those simple black eyes, that sweet little yellow nose, adorable whiskers, and omnipresent pink bow, she is simply irresistible. Each cupcake features a hand-drawn replica of the well-known features. A favorite among young and old since her appearance in the U.S. in 1976, her appeal seems to be unbounded. She has even entered into the realm of true “haute couture”, in recent iterations, most notably in a collection of high-end jewelry by Simmons Jewelry Company, exclusively for Neiman Marcus. Her popularity has made her a cultural icon, and welcome everywhere!