Project Description

This cacophony of designs incorporates a “mash-up” of different themes, and creates a unique statement, all its own. Three round tiers, stacked symmetrically, comprise the backdrop for an abstract black-on-white striped motif on the bottom tier, large and small black dots against a green canvas on the middle tier, and more traditional black-on-white vertical stripes on the top tier. The shade of green from the middle layer is used to great effect as an accent in a strand of large-ish green beads ringing the base of this work, and in a flouncy icing bow between layers two and three, then again in the bow comprised of multiple icing loops of white and green that crowns the piece. This multifaceted design serves here as the centerpiece for a birthday bash, but could just as easily stand in for any other affair where something “versatile” or unusual is required. “Vive la différence!”