Project Description

This novelty will surely tickle someone’s fancy! A 21st birthday marks a rite of passage, certainly, but we don’t always give up everything from our past. A girl growing up since 1959 when Barbie was first launched, is hard to find. They’ve been both beloved (by little girls), and the object of derision by many, but she has survived – even thrived. Here we have a bit of a “grown-up” Barbie, and she is obviously ready to celebrate! Her hot pink evening gown is chock full of clever pockets and folds that hold tequila bottles and margarita glasses (full and empty!), and decorated with giant white roses, fit for a debutante’s gown. Her hair is in an “updo”, signifying her readiness for the evening’s festivities. There will be time enough to put away childish things – tonight, let’s allow Loretta to indulge herself with the ever-faithful companion of her youth.