Project Description

Style and glamour are the predominate elements in this work, entitled “Handbag and Heels”. Everyone knows the phrase “A rose is a rose is a rose…” but the same cannot be said of “a handbag” or “a high-heeled pump.” A handbag designed by Chanel is the epitome of luxurious leather goods of the finest quality and craftsmanship; a Louboutin pump is most certainly not in the same category as a moccasin! The detail on this purse, including the inimitable double-C logo, and “chain” executed in gold, is nothing short of striking. The pristine white surface has the patina of real, ultra-high quality leather. The Louboutin pump, in black patent leather is perfection, down to the shiny red-lacquered sole that has become his trademark. This novelty design captures the spirit of good wishes for “Mom” on her 50th birthday. For any classy lady’s birthday, or any gathering of “the girls” for whatever occasion, this design will be a delight, as will the hand-drawn sentiment on the platter.