Project Description

For the “dyed-in-the-wool” fanatic, this “Yankees Fan” opus should prove to be a grand slam of a hit. No question about it, few teams in professional sports have inspired more extremes of adoration (or detestation – depending on which side of that fence you’re on) than the New York Yankees – even among their most passionate fans! There’s even a page at called “How to Be a New York Yankees Fan”. It’s clear that the recipient of this work is one who has passed that test. This design begins with a single round tier in blue, emblazoned with the instantly recognizable logo. All around the side of the tier are the accoutrements denoting a seasoned fan – hotdogs, popcorn peanuts – all impeccable representations. Atop the cake rests an out-sized baseball, complete with stitched seams, and a fan in his “Yankee gear” waiting to hear “Play ball!”