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1290 – We Have A Winner

1290 – We Have A Winner2013-06-02T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

When it comes to loot – what you’re seeing here is the Las Vegas gambler’s version of the famous booty scene from Pirates of the Caribbean. Because for a gambler – it’s not about gold and silver. it’s about high-price chips and lots of cold cash. And of course, what better to lug your winnings around in than a Louis Vuitton briefcase? This is a great specialty cake for a birthday or a groom – or pretty much anyone you know who can dream of nothing more inviting than a scene that includes banded stacks of bills, stacks of poker chips, and hundred-dollar bills scattered recklessly around the scene. There’s winnings enough showing on top of the case – but with loose bills spilling out of it, one can only imagine what lies inside! How does it feel to snack on a million bucks?

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