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1135 – Checkers

1135 – Checkers2013-03-27T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

The checkerboard motif has many symbolic meanings. It is, of course, known for its use in the games of checkers (also known as English draughts) and chess, but it is also closely associated with national symbols of the nation of Croatia. The same pattern is often associated with the Ska music genre, for breaking the racial barrier between black and whites at the time. Whatever the significance, it is an internationally recognized design, and put to good use here, in this towering three-tier work. Each tier is finished off at its base by a gold “braid”, ending in a glossy tassel. A drape of white, also with smaller tassels at the ends, announces the birthday message, and the numeral crowning the piece is self-explanatory. Anthony is sure to be pleased by this “Checkers” masterpiece.

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