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Planning the Perfect Bridal Shower 

 Getting married is an enormous life event. In the past, couples tended to marry quite young, often even in their teens. As a consequence, they often didn’t have much money or many possessions with which to set up housekeeping on their own. This led to the tradition of “showering” the young bride with gifts, often handmade, so she could set up her new home. The bridal shower is still a cornerstone of the wedding calendar, although it has changed shape somewhat.

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Today, most young people have a chance to live on their own or with roommates before marriage, and so they tend to accumulate some basic housekeeping items like dishes, cleaning supplies, and towels. This tends to be lower-quality “dorm room” type items, though, and so the shower is still very much appreciated by the new couple who aren’t so thrilled with a Simpsons-themed shower curtain anymore.

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The responsibility for throwing the shower traditionally falls on the maid (or matron) of honor, though the mother of the bride or groom, bridesmaids, and sisters can all have a role in the planning as well. Sometimes, multiple showers are held for the bride, especially if she lives far away from her hometown. It’s common for coworkers to throw a small bridal shower for their friend, often at a restaurant or bar, to show their support for her, and then the bride’s family hosts the traditional shower back home.

If you’re the lucky lady entrusted with honoring your friend by hosting the shower, there’s a lot for you to do! The to-do list for the maid of honor planning the shower is like a miniature version of the bride’s as she plans her wedding, and it’s important that the two coordinate well.


One of the first things to determine is the guest list for the shower, and this can also be the hardest. Everyone who is invited to the shower should also be on the wedding guest list, so the best way to do this is to ask your friend for the guest list, and then select all of the women on the list to receive invitations. Bridal showers are typically all-female affairs. Some include only adults, especially if there will be alcohol involved or if it’s a grown-up location like a swanky restaurant. Many allow children to attend – why should the little sisters, cousins, and daughters miss out on all the fun?

The menu is extremely important – the guests need things to nibble while they watch the bride open the gifts! Go high-class with mimosas and custom gourmet sandwiches, or simple with cake and coffee. The perfect bridal shower cake for your Las Vegas bridal shower is the ideal centerpiece for the event.

Show how well you know your friend by choosing a cake that showcases her signature style, like 1563-Michael Kors or 1266-Chanel Event for the fashionista bride. 812-Lucky Us! lends a classic air, while 959-Pink Party Martini will surely bring some giggles to all of your guests.



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