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 Romance. That one word encompasses so much – the first meeting, the courtship, falling in love, and then finally making the decision to spend the rest of your lives together. Your wedding day is supposed to encompass all of those moments and all of the ones to come. It’s the most romantic day of your life. But romance is a word that can have different meanings. It looks different in everyone’s imagination. For some, it’s the elaborate, fairytale wedding in a posh hotel or extravagant locale. For others, a whirlwind ceremony in a romantic location captures all of the breathless excitement of true romance. For these, Las Vegas weddings will always hold true enchantment.

Of course, Las Vegas weddings will always be associated with Elvis Presley. For fans, The King serves as an icon of an era and a feeling more than just a simple celebrity. He shook the nation with a sense of inhibitions severed and a life lived according to the beat, not the rules. This free-spirited feeling is still the reason many people get married in a city that holds so much significance. Many other celebrities have tied the knot here, too. Jane Fonda, Bon Jovi, Angelina Jolie, Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, and many others had a wedding (or a few) in Vegas. Even the rich and famous are not immune to the desert city’s charms.

Pastry Palace Wedding Cake #929 - Damask & Crystal

Pastry Palace Wedding Cake #929 – Damask & Crystal. Three pristine round white tiers accented with black damask fondant, satin ribbons and crystal brooch.

Small, personal and meaningful ceremonies are often the hallmark of Las Vegas Weddings. With the breathtaking sense that you and your beloved can just “run away from it all” and have an intimate ceremony is the dream for many a harried bride. But as Vegas has grown and changed over the years, it’s known as far more than just the land of short-notice ceremonies. Las Vegas has truly become America’s playground, where anything and everything can be possible. Luxury-draped ceremonies in extravagant casinos, daredevil feats, and imaginative spectacles fit right in here. So although a Vegas wedding might appeal to you because of its long history, it might also be right up your alley because it allows you to break the mold and create the kind of ceremony that you’ve only seen in your mind’s eye.  Whatever the reason, Las Vegas is the city where dreams come true.

“Split Damask” by Pastry Palace

If you love everything about the Las Vegas Wedding motif, we have got the cakes for you. If you like an understated style, then 1815-Damask Vegas is great fit, because of the red, black, and white cake design with the classic vegas city sign sitting on top.


Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Cake #598 - Black and White Damask with Red


Source: http://pastrypalacelv.com/1815-damask-vegas/


If you love everything about Vegas bling, and you’re possibly thinking about having Elvis officiate your wedding, then maybe 1438-Viva Las Elvis, 1222-Viva Las Vegas, or 1646-Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas would be the perfect finishing touch to your wedding day. Be sure to talk with our experienced Las Vegas Wedding Cake Specialists to discover all of the options available to you, from a classic white three-tier beauty to a fun and spunky Elvis boogie cake.

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