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Art Deco has been a red hot theme for weddings ever since Buz Luhrmann came out with his fabulously glamorous and flamboyant movie ‘The Great Gatsby’ in 2013. Here at Pastry Palace, we’re not complaining for it gives us a bold and dramatic canvas to work with. So, if you’re having an ostentatious 20s themed wedding in Las Vegas, we have some decadent Art Deco style wedding cakes for you!

Traditionally, cutting the wedding cake comes at the end of wedding celebrations and it’s your final opportunity to impress guests. So, why not go out with a bang by choosing a sensational Art Deco wedding cake? The ostentatious era of the 20s was renowned for careless display of wealth, flamboyance and lavish ornamentation – and our Art Deco wedding cakes are just the right accents to bring alive the mood of that vintage era. If you really want to flaunt your devil may care attitude, we suggest you go all out with our extravagant black and gold Great Gatsby style wedding cake offerings oozing glamour from every angle.

Did you know that New York’s Empire State Building and Chrysler Building were both inspired by the Art Deco movement? At the pinnacle of its popularity, this movement influenced everything from fashion and art to architecture. Make a bold style statement with a square cake design or opt for other geometrical shapes for a dramatic effect. Add to the theatrical effect with luxurious pearls, sparkling rhinestones and oversized ostrich plumes. When perched prettily on top of a wedding cake, an ostrich plume can add the right amount of wow factor (not to mention the illusion of height) to a cake design. Create a replica of a bygone era you wish you were born in. Our very talented cake artists and decorators can incorporate a wide variety of popular motifs for your custom Art deco themed wedding cake that will make it a true masterpiece of cake artistry.
Although we feature our Art Deco themed cakes in rich colors, we can also create them in more classical bridal colors if you wish. Share your personal thoughts and ideas so we can bring to life your beautiful vision. If you’re ready to drool over our scrumptious Art Deco cakes for weddings in Las Vegas, take a look at cake model 1967 – Black and Gold Art Deco, 1880 – Ritz and Glitz, 1759 – Gatsby Art Deco and 1583 – Black and Gold Art Deco for some divine inspiration. Each one of these beauties looks like it’s come straight from the sets of The Great Gatsby. While we recommend our Art Deco cakes for bold weddings in Las Vegas, they are just as suitable for other celebrations and occasions.
Come down to our office, give us a call or email us – we would love to discuss smart, stylish and imaginative wedding cake ideas with you!

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