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Go Bananas with Our Range of Minion Themed Minion Cakes

Did you know that the wildly popular ‘Despicable Me’ and ‘Despicable Me 2’ animated movies raked in more than one and a half billion dollars in box office receipts? That’s one million with a ‘B’! Kids and adults alike have fallen in love with Minions – those adorable, jelly bean shaped, impulsive, enthusiastic and  funny (there are more adjectives we can use but we’ll save them for later) creatures! If your kid is asking for a Minion themed kids cake in Las Vegas, we’ve got it covered with what you’ll need to make it a ‘Happy’ occasion.

1910 - Minions Love Cake!

1910 – Minions Love Cake!

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Wedding Cake #1593 - Minion Wedding

Minion Wedding (1593)

You just can’t escape those Minion memes on the internet – just a small indication of their huge popularity! From watching the animated movies to purchasing Minion merchandise, young and adult audiences have embraced these creatures wholeheartedly! And what’s not to love about their hilarious antics? They’re the cutest sidekicks around on screen, they take to everything with great enthusiasm, and their childlike innocence and eagerness to please is just heart melting! Kind of reminds you of your own kid or kids. And that is why you absolutely need to have a Minion themed kid’s cake in Las Vegas to impress your little Minion fan!

Let’s get back to the Minion themed cakes we’ve already made. Our designers and cake artists have sincerely tried to capture the adorable features that make those little critters irresistible and we believe they’ve done a fabulous job. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at 1617 Minions Galore, 1581 Despicable Me, Party of One, 1539 Plethora of Minions, 1504 A Happy Minion Birthday and 1498 Minion and we think you’ll feel the same way as well. Apart from the good Minions like Bob, Stuart and Kevin, the ‘Despicable Me’ movies also feature indestructible ‘evil Minions’ that chomp and destroy everything in their way. Well, you can see them existing in harmony – at least on cake, and that’s what 1617 is all about!

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Birthday Cake #1504 - Happy Minion Birthday

Happy Minion Birthday (1504)

1539.2-Minions Disguised

Warning – cuteness overload on cake 1910! We won’t be surprised if you find yourself going ‘Awww’ when you see those beautifully captured, cute expressions! We felt that way too! And what do you think of model 1581 – it’s almost too cute to eat!

Don’t think Minion themed kids cakes in Las Vegas are for kids only.  Just because we included them in the kids’ cakes section, doesn’t mean you can’t order one for yourself or an adult friend. We know there are lots of adults out there in love with these characters and that’s why we offer cake model numbers 1504 and 1498 with some charming details that are sure to appeal to grownups. If you have a unique vision for a Minion themed cake in mind, our clever team of creative designers and artists has the creative chops to execute that vision!

Just call us and we’ll help you have a one in a Minion party, right here in Las Vegas!



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