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Give Your Guests a Taste of Sweet Sophistication

Ever since a young Audrey Hepburn, gazed into the window of Tiffany & Co., in that iconic movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, women all over the world have nurtured dreams of owning a beautifully beribboned ‘Tiffany Blue’ box. We can’t provide the fine jewelry this little box is synonymous with, but we do offer Tiffany box inspired cakes – the ultimate in elegant edible indulgences!

"Tiffany Ring" - Pastry Palace Cake #746

“Tiffany Ring” – Cake #746

1522.1-Gift Box in Lavender

Everything about the gorgeous little Tiffany blue box exudes elegance, quality and impeccable style. The company policy, formulated over a hundred years ago, clarifies that a Tiffany box can only be given for holding items purchased from the store. In simple terms, it’s just not for sale – making it as priceless and coveted as the contents nestling inside! You don’t have to be a red carpet celebrity or someone belonging to the jet set to purchase fine diamond jewelry at Tiffany & Co., but it will make you feel like one! From the instantly recognizable shade of robin blue to the signature white satin ribbon and the renowned company logo, everything on the package is trademarked. If you believe that romance and diamonds are forever, then there’s no better packaging for them than a little ‘Tiffany Blue’ box!1238

Now, the two designs we have in mind for you – 1238 Little Blue Tiffany Box and 746 – Tiffany Ring are perfect for many occasions, including weddings, engagement parties and bridal showers. What makes our special Tiffany box inspired bridal cakes in Las Vegas irresistible? Is it the perfectly smooth fondant in the signature Tiffany blue color? Or is it that the cakes are exact replications of those priceless Tiffany boxes? Or could it be the understated elegance that both these cake designs convey – the perfect gift for someone with impeccable style? Don’t miss the additional details on them including the signature satin ribbon and the company logo, lovingly recreated as homage to the famous company.

Cake design 1238 exudes classic sophistication – best exemplified in simplicity. Our cake artists have taken creativity to the next level by featuring a sleek silver chain dangling from the ribbon. It’s almost as if the box is beckoning you to open it, only for you to find a piece of classic diamond jewelry in there. Cake 746 seems like the logical follow up – a glorious solitaire proudly resting on a luxurious cushion of silk and velvet. The traditional white satin bow is perfectly rendered in white icing, lending an elegant flair to the ensemble. An original Tiffany gift box is possibly the most desired retail packaging in the world and we hope our Tiffany inspired confections will be among the most coveted bridal shower cakes in Las Vegas!

Set the atmosphere at the bridal shower party – play the original soundtrack from the movie or better still, plan a screening of the movie and give your guests a slice of the Tiffany dream – in gorgeous edible form!

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