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Fruitilicious Wedding Cakes That Will Have You Craving For More!

You’ve seen gorgeous flowers, you’ve seen fabulous underwater, you’ve seen vintage art deco – and you’re still wondering what other themes wedding cakes offer! Fruit themed wedding cakes can be amazing choices not only to step away from common floral designs but to incorporate decadence, texture, colors and vibrancy into what’s inarguably going to be the centerpiece at your wedding celebrations – that’s right, no pressure at all!
Traditional fruit wedding cakes will always be favorites but our fruit themed wedding cakes are something else altogether! The fruits in question, which can be luscious strawberries, juicy blueberries, tangy raspberries or any other that catches your fancy, are used to decorate or adorn fruit themed wedding cakes in Las Vegas. Not only do they guarantee a veritable explosion of exotic or familiar fruity flavors, they also lend themselves to a wide range of colors and shapes that can easily blend in with a large array of themes and cake structures. With your fruit filled vision for inspiration and our zesty execution, you’ll have a wedding cake that will draw lots of oohs and aahs from your guests!

You want to know our favorite fruit? Luscious, succulent strawberries – they can effortlessly claim a space in any wedding cake design! Are you aware that strawberries belong to the rose family or that in medieval times they were considered to be harbingers of peace and prosperity – just one more reason to include these delicious fruits into your wedding celebrations! Of course, they have myriad health benefits – rich in vitamin C, these heart shaped beauties are actually good for your heart and other parts of your body! Who can resist the decadent combination of strawberries and chocolate? One healthy treat combined with another, one aphrodisiac paired with another – magical things are bound to happen!

We have some wicked fruit themed wedding cakes guaranteed to deliver instant gratification. Take a look at these cakes- Strawberry Lovers, Strawberries in Love, Chocolate Strawberry Garden, Formal Strawberries, Strawberry Decadence and Berry Unique. All these sweet confections are signature cakes featuring large, succulent strawberries dipped in sensuous chocolate and featuring other exquisite details. Cake design 1020 has raspberries, blackberries and blueberries giving company to strawberries – a berrilicious design indeed! Why settle for a few strawberries when you can have the entire garden? (Check out W374 – Chocolate Strawberry Garden)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Cake 593 - Strawberry Chocolate

Brides On A Budget
Cake 593 – “Strawberry Chocolate”

We use only the freshest, best quality fruits for our wedding cakes in Las Vegas so they taste like they’ve been plucked fresh from the fields. Whether you’re looking for whimsical, full on or formal chocolate and strawberry dessert concoctions, we have the perfect choices to tantalize your taste buds. And to give the perfect topping to your fruit themed wedding cake, we present to you our one of a kind strawberry cake toppers standing in for the traditional bride and groom, all dressed in their bridal finery – it doesn’t get cuter than that! Let’s not forget our all natural fruit flavors for your fruity dessert – from apple and banana to strawberry, coconut and more! Give us a call and let’s seen how we can help you say ‘I Do’ with fruits!
Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Wedding Cake 794 - Split Personality

Pastry Palace Las Vegas – Wedding Cake 794 – Split Personality

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