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Enjoy Your Favorite Starbucks Frappuccino – In A Cake!

A quick question – where do you go when you’re heading out for work in the morning and you need to get caffeinated? Chances are, you probably go to the nearest Starbucks store. Starting out a coffee bean roasting company in Seattle way back in the 1970’s, the Starbucks chain of coffee shops is now a global phenomenon, with outlets spread across 62 countries. If you’re looking for interesting ways to surprise a coffee loving friend, a Starbucks themed specialty cake in Las Vegas might just be the answer.

1525.1-Starbucks Fan

It took us some time to understand the reason for Starbuck’s popularity. I mean, there have been other coffee shop chains even before Starbucks but none experienced stupendous success like this company. We believe they hit upon the winning formula of quality coffee and convenience. Look around you- you’ll find at least one Starbucks store on every street! Coffee connoisseurs love the fact they can customize exotic and complicated coffees to their exact requirements. More than anything, Starbucks represents affordable luxury. Admit it – before a hard day ahead, you like to motivate yourself with a daily splurge to get you going. We totally get it, we do it too!

Among the vast array of drinks including specialty coffees, cappuccinos and lattes that Starbucks has on offer, the Frappuccino range of icy coffee brews is among the most popular. The word ‘Frappuccino’ is actually a combination of 2 words – ‘cappuccino’, an espresso coffee with frothy milk and ‘frappe’, a delicious milkshake with ice-cream. Coffee mixed with other ingredients, blended with ice and topped with whipped cream – such a clever invention and so irresistible! And equally irresistible is our Starbucks Frappuccuino themed specialty cake in Las Vegas (model number 1321).

1321-Starbucks Frappuccino.2

You’ll need to take a really close look to realize it’s actually a replica of a Frappuccino and not the real deal! The entire credit goes to our amazingly talented team of cake artists. Coming to the exquisite details on the cake, you’ll notice incredibly real looking condensation water droplets on the side of the cup, just like you’d see on a real Frappuccino. Just close your eyes for a moment and imagine you’re sipping on one. What do you see- a stream of caramel dripping off the whipped cream, the straw from which you’re sipping? Well, our cake captures that image beautifully. Suddenly the boundaries between imagination and reality are blurring. We offer a Frappuccino you don’t sip on but instead bite into!

And what’s a cup of coffee without a sweet accompaniment? Incomplete! That’s why our cake features some scrumptious and elegant French macaroons on the side. Did we just hear you say ‘Delish!” in your head? It sure is, we guarantee it!

Hey, it’s not necessary to order our specialty cakes in Las Vegas for anyone else. Order one for yourself – you deserve it too!

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