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1992 – After Elsa “Let It Go!”

1992 – After Elsa “Let It Go!”2015-02-03T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

“Let It Go” has effectively become an anthem of a generation of little girls. This powerful song has won many prestigious awards and spawned countless versions and recordings in over 40 languages. Its influence in impossible to negate – the song has reached almost a “cult” status. The lyrics tell the story of Elsa’s epiphany that she no longer needs to hide her powers, or pretend to be something or someone she is not. The dramatic and compelling lyrics, coupled with soaring melody convey an extremely positive message, and it is no wonder that our “Frozen” collection has become popular beyond expectation. Here we have a simple large round tier, iced in what we’ve come to call “Frozen Blue.” A picture of Elsa is framed in icicles, and accompanied by a plethora of delicate snowflakes in brilliant white. The vines of spring await just below the surface, ready to blossom, in their time. This lovely birthday cake is, no doubt, just what Amy has been dreaming for!

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